Golden Bid Sweepstakes

Golden Bid winner is selected when each auction concludes. A Golden Bid is selected only from those bids that were placed in building the reserve. Each bid is uniquely serialized and may or may not have a prize attached to it. .

Golden Bid Sweepstakes offers the opportunity to enter to win a wide variety of prizes. There is no purchase or payment necessary to enter or win (There is a free alternative means of acquiring a Golden Bid three times each day) , and all bids have an equal chance of winning. Golden Bid Sweepstakes is committed to providing a fair and equal chance of winning for all entrants. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the joy of winning, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our sweepstakes are accessible to all. We encourage everyone to participate in our Golden Bid Sweepstakes, and we thank you for your support.